Crypto For Mere Mortals

Why are we giving away our Crypto For Mere Mortals Course for free?

Because we need your help.

We're in beta and trying to build a great community of people to learn the ropes of crypto.

We're developing the blueprint of navigating, as safely as possible, this volatile new asset class. We're looking to establish the right community that thinks like we do.

Only 500 slots remaining

Our values are simple:

We practice the
Golden Rule.

We work hard and don't expect
anything worth doing to be easy.

We don't believe in
get-rich-quick schemes

Some of us are older, and this new world doesn't come with an easy button.

It has its own language and a host of seedy characters. It also has some of the world's brightest minds, with the best intentions, pushing through and innovating for the greater good of humanity.

Many people are going to get rich from this new asset class. Some will become multi-millionaires, and others still, billionaires.

There's never been a brand-new asset class, created right before our eyes, that anyone could take advantage of. In fact, this is the first new asset class in over 500 years. It's an incredibly exciting time.

It's also a dangerous time. Fortunes will be lost by people not practicing due diligence and making sound, informed business decisions. We want to help you avoid loss and failure at all costs. We do recommend never investing any money into crypto you can't afford to lose. We live by this rule too.

There are no guarantees, none of us can predict the future.

However, we're willing to do the work, to put ourselves in the right position, to take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves. Please note: We're not licensed financial advisors. We cannot and do not offer investment advice. We share information and attempt to educate our community members to keep them safe in this volatile marketplace.

Why are we giving away our

Crypto For Mere Mortals Course for free?

Because we need your help.

We're only allowing 500 people into the beta group. All we ask is you take the time to digest the training, attend the weekly Zoom calls, and after 30 days, give us an honest review of our program.

If after 30 days, you choose to stay in the program, you'll be billed $49.95 each month. If not, no hard feelings. Of course, you can cancel at any time. Our goal is to deliver at least 10 times the cost of the course to you in value, each and every month.