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Crypto – Opportunity of a Lifetime or a Total Scam?

Is crypto something you can’t afford to ignore, or is it a scam to separate you from your hard-earned money? The global cryptocurrency market is just over $1 Trillion today. Just a few months ago, it was over $2 Trillion.

Talk about volatile! Volatile and a great place to lose money, right? Yes. And No. Join our community today to learn how to overcome this volatility and conquer the crypto market. This trial is only available to the first 500 subscribers.

Crypto, despite what you may have heard, isn't going away.

98% (or more) of the cryptocurrencies and projects people are invested in right now will likely go to zero.

Remember the dot-com bubble of 2000?

Venture capital and private equity poured billions of dollars into startups in the mid to late 1990’s. These startups attracted the brightest and most innovative minds in technology and computer science. They built the framework for what we know today as the World Wide Web.

After the bubble, 98% of these companies vanished. But not all vanished. Amazon survived. eBay survived. Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and countless other companies were built on the ashes of the dot-com bubble.

Crypto and the blockchain are the next step in the tech evolution. There has recently been a major crash. A new crypto winter. And there will be more. It's inevitable...

Join our community today to get in on the next step in the tech evolution. This trial is only available to the first 500 subscribers.

Before this latest crypto winter, there were
100,000 millionaires created from crypto.

The largest wealth accumulation, within the shortest time, ever in history.

It's been said that crypto and the blockchain will be the largest distribution and re-distribution of wealth in the history of planet earth.

And it's just getting started. You're not late. You're actually early. This isn't something you want to miss.

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Together we'll expand our crypto horizons.

Why are we giving away our

Crypto For Mere Mortals Course for free?

Because we need your help.

We’re in beta and trying to build a great community of people to learn the ropes of crypto. We’re developing the blueprint of navigating, as safely as possible, this volatile new asset class. We’re looking to establish the right community that thinks like we do...

A community that wants to win and grow together in crypto.
This trial is only available to the first 500 subscribers.

The future of crypto will be built the same way dot-com companies were.

This is why we built Crypto For Mere Mortals.

You'll get a crash course, in easy to swallow bites, that will get you the base knowledge you need to start this journey.

But the most exciting part of Crypto For Mere Mortals is the weekly Zoom calls. Our in-house experts, Clay and Noah, will walk you through hot topics and explain what's working right now. They will host crypto experts who bring more opportunities and learning to the table and do Q&A sessions on every call to answer your most pressing questions.

We'll provide you with a front row seat as you look over our shoulder to see how we're deploying our capital: What, why, and where we're investing our money. We're not licensed financial advisors. We cannot and do not offer investment advice. We share information and attempt to educate our community members to keep them safe in this volatile market.

We'll identify 'blue chip' options for you to help mitigate risk, and we'll teach you how we do our research to try and separate real opportunities from hype. We do recommend never investing any money into crypto you can't afford to lose. We live by this role too.

Now is the time to join our crypto community and get in on the conversations

that will make you more confident in your investment.

Crypto represents the first new asset class in over 500 years.

Many experts believe it will grow by 100X-200X by the end of this decade.

That means, $1,000 invested today, if you got it right, could be worth up to $200,000 by 2030. Crypto is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone who takes the time to study it, learn it, and work at it.

There's no easy money in crypto. No get rich quick scheme you can count on. Anyone looking for fast, easy money, is likely to lose whatever they put in.

Join our community today to speak with like-minded investors and learn how you could capitalize on this projected crypto boom. This trial is only available to the first 500 subscribers.

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